Aka-Piattos are a series of polymer-coated steel, diamond grinding discs suitable for magnetic base systems. They are colour-coded by grit size, and are available in grits P80 - P2400, and diameter: 200mm (8”), 250mm (10”), 300mm (12”) from stock, and with 350mm (14”) to order.

An Aka-Piatto has a number of benefits over grinding papers. It can:

  • Replace several paper grinding stages 
  • Replace 100-200 pieces of grinding papers
  • Create fully plane samples avoiding the half-moon effect 
  • Last longer due to the wear compensated design
  • Maintain absolute edge retention due to the diamond abrasive being resin-bonded to the disc
  • Plane and fine-grind all materials harder than HV150, although for materials over HV400 we recommend the use of a long life dressing stick
  • And the new P2400, costing at least a third less than its rivals, offers an outstanding finish coupled with a long-life disc.

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